The future of finance is onchain.

The future of finance is onchain, and Chainlink CCIP is the on-ramp for banks, asset managers, and other financial services companies. With Chainlink’s enterprise-grade infrastructure, companies and institutions can easily and securely connect to any blockchain network from their existing systems. 

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Chainlink is the gateway to onchain finance

Forward-thinking banks and financial services companies are increasingly moving operations onchain to increase liquidity, better manage risk, and reduce costs via automated workflows.

Connect islands of fragmented liquidity 

Onchain markets are inherently isolated, leaving tokenized assets fragmented. Chainlink’s cross-chain solution enables liquidity to seamlessly and securely flow across onchain markets.

Increase transparency of tokenized assets 

Chainlink Web3 services enable high-integrity, transparent markets in asset classes that are currently illiquid and opaque. These new markets can unlock new revenue opportunities for financial service providers. 

Enable faster, more efficient workflows

By tapping into Chainlink’s enterprise-grade infrastructure and adding programmable logic, financial services providers can automate a vast array of workflows to unlock significant cost efficiencies and reduce settlement times. 

Why Chainlink?

Chainlink is the industry-standard Web3 services platform, successfully enabling over $12T+ in transaction value for blockchain applications. The network’s unparalleled security standards are pioneered by a world-class research team, and enforced by decentralized oracle networks made up of independent, Sybil-resistant nodes operated by leading enterprises such as Deutsche Telekom MMS, Vodafone DAB, and Swisscom. Chainlink’s defense-in-depth approach to development has resulted in a multi-year history of high uptime and tamper-proof security, even during the industry’s most volatile and unpredictable conditions.

How Chainlink CCIP unlocks cross-chain liquidity and streamlines workflows

Single integration gateway 

Chainlink CCIP provides an enterprise abstraction layer that enables financial institutions to seamlessly interact with any blockchain from their existing backend systems. 

Defense-in-depth security

A robust monitoring infrastructure for detecting anomalies and responding to emergency events underpins the Chainlink Network, including rate limiting on blockchain bridges and other novel security measures.

Future-proof infrastructure 

Ideal for an increasingly multi-chain world, Chainlink’s blockchain-agnostic design means it can be deployed across any new blockchains that institutions may need to connect.

Why is finance moving onchain?

The infrastructure underpinning capital markets is being reimagined by blockchain technologies, and Chainlink provides the digital rails for fast, cost-effective, secure, and transparent asset movement.

$867T in assets

Tokenization is a multi-hundred-trillion dollar opportunity for early adopters.

97% surveyed agree

Institutional investors agree that “tokenization will revolutionize asset management.”

24/7/365 markets

Automating financial market workflows enables seamless, smarter market operations.

“The tokenization of asset classes offers the prospect of driving efficiencies in capital markets, shortening value chains, and improving cost and access for investors.”


Sygnum and Fidelity International Partner With Chainlink To Provide Fund NAV Data Onchain

Fidelity International and Sygnum have partnered with Chainlink to provide NAV data onchain for Fidelity International’s $6.9B money market fund.

Smart NAV Pilot Report With DTCC, Chainlink, and 10 Financial Institutions

DTCC developed a new pilot, Smart NAV, which leveraged DTCC’s digital asset capabilities, as well as Chainlink for cross-chain interoperability and blockchain abstraction.

ANZ Bank and CCIP Case Study: Cross-Chain Settlement of Tokenized Assets

ANZ—a leading institutional bank with $1+ trillion in assets under management—successfully demonstrated how ANZ customers could use CCIP to securely transfer ANZ-issued stablecoins cross-chain to purchase nature-based assets.

Experiments show Swift can facilitate transfer of tokenized assets across multiple blockchains with CCIP

Collaborative experiments with global financial institutions have shown that existing Swift infrastructure in combination with Chainlink CCIP can facilitate the transfer of tokenized value across public and private blockchains.


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