Solana Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

Learn how to create, deploy, and interact with smart contracts on Solana in pre-recorded, instructor-led sessions with Chainlink developer advocates.

Master the fundamentals of Solana smart contract development

This bootcamp is designed to bring people together to learn how to build the next generation of smart contracts on Solana. Upon completion of this program, you’ll know what Solana is, how programs and accounts on Solana work, how to create, deploy, and interact with smart contracts on Solana, and how to use Chainlink Price Feeds to securely access price data.
Module 1
Introduction to Solana and Rust. Writing, deploying, and interacting with your first smart contracts
Module 2
Introduction to Anchor, the oracle problem, and using Chainlink Data Feeds in your Solana smart contracts


Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate. Read the Rules and of Conduct here.
Nothing, the developer bootcamp is free!
What if I've never been to a bootcamp or worked with blockchain before?
No worries! It’s helpful to have some software engineering experience, but it’s not a requirement. This is a great place to learn all things blockchain and smart contracts.
Do I need to know Rust for this bootcamp?
Some knowledge of Rust is helpful but not required for this bootcamp. We’ll help you understand the code you are writing.
This event takes place 100% online using the Zoom platform.
Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides secure and reliable inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink Data Feeds help secure billions of dollars in value across top DeFi products.

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