Chainlink Keepers are live on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. Learn more.
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Decentralized, low-cost, and reliable off-chain computation for smart contracts

Powered by time-tested node operators that currently secure billions in value across DeFi, Chainlink Keepers enable smart contract applications to scale their uptime guarantees and achieve end-to-end decentralization.

Decentralized execution

Chainlink uses a decentralized network of Keeper nodes to securely automate contracts, mitigating risk around manual interventions and centralized servers.

Low and stable cost

The Chainlink Keeper Network optimizes gas management to lower the costs of automation tasks and rotates node selection to ensure a fixed cost model.

Expandable computation

Chainlink Keepers perform secure off-chain computations for smart contracts, allowing developers to build more feature-rich dApps at lower costs.

High up-time

Chainlink Keepers are run by world-class DevOps teams with established and publicly accessible reputations for providing high reliability to smart contracts.

Transparent reputation

Anyone can independently verify the activity of Chainlink Keeper nodes by using a collection of open-source monitoring tools that measure on-chain activity.

Speed to market

With Chainlink Keepers your smart contract DevOps can be reliably and quickly automated, so your team can focus more time on development and less on ops.

Smart contract automation made easy

Easily create and customize smart contract upkeep jobs for the Chainlink Keepers to service. Keepers automatically trigger functions once predefined conditions are met.

Automate critical functions for smart contract applications

Yield harvesting

Trigger harvest functions at optimal times to maximize returns and optimize fees from DeFi yield farming vaults.


Maintain the desired peg of algorithmic stablecoins by automatically rebasing the token supply at regular time intervals.

Automated trading

Detect the fulfillment of a condition that triggers the execution of trades on DeFi applications.

Triggering asset distribution

Release locked assets according to predefined vesting schedules and distribute awards once users fulfill certain contract conditions.

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How Chainlink Keepers works

The Chainlink Keeper Network uses hyper-reliable automation bots to trigger a wide range of smart contract executions, reducing DevOps management for dApp teams and providing new functionalities for end users.

Development team creates a one-time upkeep job request for the Chainlink Keeper Network.
Chainlink Keepers perform upkeep jobs continuously over predefined period of time without developer input.
Chainlink Keepers Is Now Live On Mainnet

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Chainlink Keepers Open Beta Is Live

We are excited to announce that the Chainlink Keepers Open Beta is now opening up for initial users, community review, and feedback. Chainlink Keepers provide smart contract developers, decentralized applications...

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